Our research, evaluation and analysis services in the health domains help our clients establish facts, reach new conclusions, solve problems, and to achieve a wide variety of objectives. Our clients include organizations within government, nonprofit, and private sectors.

Our services and solutions are based on the methodological and analytical rigor needed to inform evidence-based practice. We are flexible – we offer brief consultation, can provide support, or take the lead in conducting an independent project.  


A multi-disciplinary approach and reliance on a multitude of research, evaluation and analytical techniques ensures a unique approach to any project.

types of research

Outcomes research

With outcomes research we can determine the end results and impacts of particular practices and interventions. Examples include health outcomes, functional measures, work productivity and return on investment.

Applied research

With applied research we can use research techniques to generate knowledge that is then directly applied and deployed. This type of research is entirely solution-focused and often used for business-related purpose.

Basic research

With basic research we help create new knowledge to answer particular questions. It can inform a number of processes and decision-making.

Exploratory research

With exploratory research we focus on the discovery of ideas and insights as opposed to analysis and methodology. This helps to gain familiarity from a new perspective and to formulate more unique ideas and hypotheses.

Program evaluation

With program evaluation we can help systematically collect and analyze information to answer questions about projects, policies and programs. Effectiveness and efficiency are often a focus.

Statistical modelling

With  statistical modelling we can help understand the relationships that exist between different things or to make informed predictions about what to expect. Examples include predictive modelling and inferential statistics.

Research & development

With research and development (R&D) we can conduct  investigative activities to improve existing products and procedures or to lead the development of new products and procedures.

Market research

With market research we can help systematically gather and analyse qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services.


control group provision

Depending on the type of research and on the project, APAS Laboratory may be able to provide  a control group. A control group will increase the credibility and validity of the findings of any research project. A control group does not receive any intervention, is similar to those that do, and  is used as a benchmark to measure how the intervention group did. Such a group is well suited for outcomes research, but is often neglected in many industry projects due to increased complexity.

Workplace health and benefits

Most workplace health projects require a detailed, comprehensive, and tailored approach based on research and analytics. We help our clients with objective research, program evaluation, and analytics in workplace health and wellness areas. 

Clients include:

  • Employee assistance program providers

  • Health insurance companies and providers

  • Employers

  • Public health organizations

  • Workplace wellness program providers

  • Managed behavioral healthcare organizations

  • Workers' compensation boards

  • Third party administrators

  • Other companies with work health related  products and services

Health research evaluation, strategy, and priority setting

Our health research strategy and evaluation services inform the development of research priorities and strategic plans as well as the evaluation of funded research projects and programs. Informed by literature reviews,  surveys, data mining and analytics, as well as numerous other approaches.

Clients include:

  • Government health research funding organizations

  • Non-government health research funding organizations

  • Health researchers

  • Other health research organizations

  • Other organizations involved in health research funding

Mental health and general health

We help our clients with objective research, evaluation, and analytics, supporting the creation and translation of new knowledge into improved mental and general health. A multi-disciplinary approach and reliance on a multitude of techniques ensures a unique contribution to  research projects in the health field.

Clients include:

  • Health researchers

  • Health research organizations

  • Companies with health products and services

  • Consumer organizations

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Health research funding organizations

Areas of specialization

Data collection/analysis

Development of research ideas, approaches, and concepts to meet specific objectives

Multiple research design choices (experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental research)

Mixed methods research (quantitative and qualitative)

Program evaluation design and structure

Research protocol development and implementation

Development of performance measurement frameworks

Research proposals/grants and generation of testable hypotheses

Data collection

Data mining

Secure online survey design/administration

Predictive modelling

Data/statistical analyses (quantitative and qualitative)

Data modelling

Proof of product / program / service effectiveness

Scientific publications

Custom reports

Application of research and evaluation findings to improve and/or develop services and products

Application of research knowledge to improve client outcomes

Application of research knowledge to improve business outcomes and best practices

Knowledge dissemination

comprehensive services

Research and evaluation often requires a tailored approach that cannot be replicated based on previous work or available information.  We work with our clients to formulate a comprehensive and custom approach that best fits the project and type of research.

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