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APAS Laboratory was founded with the objective of providing innovative research services and solutions to organizations in the health domain. We have expert knowledge in workplace health and benefits, mental health, health research funding, and the overall health field. We started in academia, and now have worked with government agencies, universities, and private industry on a number of projects. Over the years we have developed a passion for providing research-based solutions and services to help our clients achieve better business and organizational outcomes.

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For each project Dr. Milot leads a team of researchers, evaluators, and/or  analysts with the expertise and skills required to meet project objectives. Most team members have academic backgrounds and all have relevant experience in applicable private an public sectors.

Dr. Marc Milot, PhD

Dr. Marc Milot, PhD, is President and Principal Consultant/Researcher at APAS Laboratory. He has extensive experience in providing independent research, evaluation, and analytical services in health-related academic, industry and government sectors.

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